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Unbeatable Chat, Ticketing and Feedback System

What is Unbeatable

Unbeatable.com is a one stop solution for streamlining the relation between increased sales and offering great customer service. Our solution will allow an online businesses to Chat, Create Tickets and Collect Customer feedback all under one roof.

We are actively looking for beta testers for our live chat software. As a thank you for becoming one of our beta testers we will offer our Live Chat software free for 3 months.

NOTE: Please don't take it personally if you don't get accepted as a beta tester, we select test accounts based on their size and niche.

Helpful Customer Service

Our Mission

To create an online Chat, Ticketing & Feedback system that allows online businesses (big and small) to be more profitable and increase the level of customer service they offer.

Innovative Technology

What We Are Building

Before Unbeatable.com, most online businesses needed separate chat, ticketing and feedback solutions. We found this out ourselves when we set up previous online platforms where we wanted to offer our clients fantastic customer service. We were paying multiple companies to provide different services that were all necessary for our business, however, the solutions were actually not very intuitive or easy to use. So we went ahead and created a solution that we wanted for ourselves and realised that others would appreciate it too. We are now sharing our 3 part solution which is cost effective, easy to use and most of all simple to set up.

Dedicated Team of Experts

Who We Are

Unbeatable.com is run by a team of designers, developers and entrepreneurs that are passionate about creating a sales and customer service hub that will help your business increase turnover and improve customer satisfaction. The teams experience comes from previous ventures including Reviews.co.uk and Review.io. As a result we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to launching easy to use, cost effective high-end solutions.

Unlike most help desk and chat solutions we don't want to bankrupt you so we have decided to charge just less than what Starbucks charge for a large cappuccino per month.